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New York Hotel Deals - How to Find the Hotel You're Looking For in New York City

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By Amanda Duncan

The New York Hotel Deals website searches all of the hotel
reservation websites in order to find which of these sites has
the absolute best deal available. This saves travellers a large
amount of time and money.

But this "deal finding" aspect to New York Hotel Deals is not
it's only feature. It also has the ability to narrow down it's
hotel search results to exactly what you're looking for. What
follows are directions on how to best use this service.

Arrange By Price

If your main concern is price then you should arrange the search
results by price by using the "Price" tab on the top of the
hotel search results page. But there is another step you need to
take to get the results you are most likely really looking for.
There are a lot of hostels in NYC and they will fill up the
results as the least expensive places to stay in the city unless
you go to the "Property Type" tab on the bottom left and uncheck
the "Hostels" box.

Arrange By Stars

If your main concern is quality then you should arrange the
search results by star ratings by using the "Stars" tab. By
doing this New York's finest five star hotels will jump to the
top of the hotel search results page.

Search By Location

Often times people visiting New York want their hotel to be in a
specific location (like near Times Square for example.) By using
the "Distance Location" tab on the left it's easy to find hotels
near any NYC landmark (such as the Flat Iron Building) or
neighborhood (such as the Upper East Side.)

Search By Hotel Features

If there are certain hotel features that your hotel must have
(for example you plan on driving to the city so you need a place
with parking) then you can go the "Hotel Features" tab on the
left of the search results page and check the box by any
features that you want your hotel to have. When you do this, all
hotels that don't have the feature you've checked will be
immediately filtered out of the results.

Search For A Particular Hotel

If you already know where you want to stay and you're simply
looking for the best deal on a room in that hotel then you can
use the "Hotel Name Contains" tab to search for the hotel by
name. There are over 500 hotels in the system so it's very
likely that you will be able to find it.


You can combine the "arrange by" approach with the "search by"
approach to find exactly what you're looking for. For example
you could find the "least expensive hotel with a swimming pool
near Times Square" by using this method. By the way the result
for that particular search is the Holiday Inn in Midtown

Whatever you are looking for you will be able to find it by
using this website. And not only will you find it, but you will
find it with the best deal available online.

About the Author: Amanda Duncan recommends going to
http://www.NewYorkHotelDeals.US to find the best deals on hotels
in NYC.

Source: http://www.isnare.com

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