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10 Places to Visit Near Purimas Beach Hotel & Spa

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Purimas Beach Hotel & Spa Rayong may be an irresistible retreat for your Thai holiday, but venturing out and seeing the local sights is equally fulfilling and enjoyable. These 10 fascinating local destinations are worth stepping out of your accommodation in Rayong for:

The Shrine of King Taksin the Great. Established in 1947 in honor of the beloved king, the shrine is also famous for the 300-year-old tree that welcomes visitors at its front. According to folklore, this tree was where King Taksin once tied his elephant as he led his troops in gaining back the Kingdom of Siam from the Burmese.

Payoon and Pala Beach. These 2 beaches are noted for being connected and quite ideal for a nice quiet swim. They are located in Banchang, 33 and 36 km from Rayong Town.

Phra Chedi Klang Nam. Nestled on an island in the middle of the Rayong River, this ancient pagoda structure is a vital landmark for sailors. It serves as the indication that they are already within the province of Rayong, 2 km south of downtown, to be exact.

Sri Muang Park. Although it harbors a dark past of once being a venue for the execution of prisoners, this park is now a beloved recreational venue. It has a football field, picnic spots, exercise area, gardens, and lush, shady trees.

Supphattra Land Orchard. A lovely fruit garden where you can sample a wide variety of its products, which include durian, grape, mango, rambutan, longan, and star fruit, just to name a few.

The Sobha Botanical Gardens. This garden is known to have the largest collection of plants and trees in Thailand.

Ban Phe. Essentially a ferry port for those who wish to go to Ko Samet, which is famous for its many beaches. It is also a fishing venue and center for local marine produce.

Lotus Crystal. The first crystal factory of Rayong, the Lotus Crystal distinguishes itself for using Rayong's quality sand in creating its products.

Dok Krai Reservoir. Although it is basically the center for development projects on fishery, agriculture, land and farm animals, and irrigation, the vast land it occupies also makes for an excellent camping destination. It is also a popular inclusion in educational tours.

Wat Pa Pradu. A massive, centuries-old temple dating back to the Ayutthaya era, this shrine is the home of an enormous reclining Buddha image. The sheer size of it at roughly 11 m long and 3 m high makes for quite a vision. But more than that, the image is unique because it reclines on its left side instead of the usual right side.

With so many things to see, you'll be coming home to Purimas Beach Hotel & Spa Rayong full of memories and knowledge to share. Happy sightseeing!


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