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Mamallapurum - A Must Go Travel Destination

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by William Alex:
Traveling is considered to be one of the most wonderful experiences that one may have. One of the wonderful places to visit in India is Mamallapurum which is also known as Mahabalipuram. There are a lot of tourist spots that one may visit such as Shore Temple, Arjuna’s Penance, The Five Rathas and a lot more. Mahabalipuram is located 60 kilometers from South Chennai. One will definitely see the beauty of its culture and see the ancient city. It would also be best to look for different accommodations in Mamallapurum over at the Asian Hotels Online to make sure that you get the best experience in your trip.
Moreover, the name Mahabalipuram was derived from the word Mamallapuram which was believed to be named after the Pallava king, Narasimhavarman I. Mahabalipuram is under the Pallavas in 7th century port city. This considered being one of the most historic cities and a lot of historic monuments were built during the 7th and 9th century.

One of the tourist spots in Mahabalipuram is Shore Temple. This considered being one of the most famous monuments. And when the moonlight comes one will be captivated with its beauty since it will be lit. A little information about Shore Temple was built in the 7th century by Raja Rajasimha. This has shrines built both Shiva and Vishnu and declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The monuments made are rock-cut and colossal in composition to which it symbolizes the early phases of Dravidian architecture and it resembles the Buddhist elements for its designs. As one then goes around the city there tourists will see sculpted reliefs, cave temples and structural temples that will definitely awe them. The sculptures in this area are done by young sculptors and there are even some sculptures that are half finished. Ratha which is a style of structures is seen at Pancha Rathas. And a stonemason and sculpture named Alex Evans who recreated the stone sculpture with the use of a softer element that is softer that granite which is sandstone.

Other important structures are the temple which was dedicated Vishnu which is the Thirkadlmallai. This structure was also built by Pallava King and the reason was to preserve the structures from the ocean. Another structure is the Varaha Cave Temple this was built in the 7th century which is a small rock-cut temple.

Aside from temples and architectural spots, Mahabalipuram is also known for their wonderful beaches. As you can see that would be a perfect combination, a travel that is two in one, ancient facts to which one can learn and relaxation time for beaches.

This is definitely one of the best place to visit tourist will enjoy their stay, they can relax at the same time learn from the historical fact of the place. That is why this is one of the must-go places and should be written in your list.

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