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Kenya Safari Packages - Safari Maasai Mara Holidays

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by Florian Baldur:

The Masai Mara national reserve is one of the most toured reserves in Kenya due the prolific wildlife found within the Mara and more so you will barely run short of camera worthy photo snaps. The Kenya safari packages are love offering exhilarating safaris around Kenya and moreover wish to leave your Kenya safari holidays a memorable experience. Therefore, bearing in mind the safari Masai Mara it is only highly advisable to settle for safari packages that are more comprehensive particularly a five-day-tour to ten-day-tour, which normally offers excepetionall chances to tour other tour stops. In other words, think of taking a safari to the Mara with the wish of having a great time in every single second of it. Some of the factors on the Mara in a closer view are as follows:

The Mara Overview

Since the Mara accommodates visitor throughout the year in national reserve then there are Maasai Mara lodge reservations and Maasai Mara Camp reservations. The main goal lies with attaining as much experience as possible and more so knowledge on the national reserve. Some of these features are:

• The national reserve is 1510 sq. km yet the ecosystem covers 1672 sq. km with the other part being a segment of the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania from 1984.

• It is 270 km from Nairobi, whereby through the airplanes it takes 40-45 minutes from the Wilson Airport while using the road it normally takes 4-5 hours.

• The national reserve has a "dispersal area", which infers to the reserve area whose extension goes far to the north and the East Mara. This Maasai people live in this part of the reserve and as time passed by, the community established a co-dependent relationship with the wildlife.

The Mara Wildlife

One of the most recommended Kenya safari holidays is the contact with the African game in the more so and more so reservations with any Maasai Mara Lodge or Maasai Mara camp. Most of the time, you do not only get to see the wild animals during the game safaris but while relaxing in the lodge or your camp. Some of the best wild animals to aim seeing with safari Maasai Mara are:

The Mara Herbivores: These wild animals usually graze in the game's grasslands; they are oftenly hunted by the Mara carnivores and their remains left to the scavengers. Some of these herbivores are the eland, Topi, Eland, Thompsons and Grant Gazelle, bush backs, Antelopes, wildebeest, Giraffe, Elephants, Zebras, buffalos and the list goes on. Therefore, in respect to the Kenya safari packages that you pick you may see all mentioned herbivores and in herds.

The Mara Carnivores: These wild animals are among the best predators either due to their speed, intelligence, instincts and body strength. Some of these wild animals are the Cheetah famously repected for its speed, the lion owing to hunting intelligence and speed yet still the Leopard is reputed for hunting intelligence and great leverage while carrying its prey twice its size up a tree. Now, in regards the time you go for the safari drive you may be lucky it see a real time hunt or find any of the carnivores eating a fresh Topi or a wildebeest.

The Mara Scavengers: For those who had accommodations with any of the Maasai Mara Lodge reservations or Maasai Mara Camp must agree that at night you may hear hyenas laughing or making howling. Therefore, in regards to how deep you get into the National reserve this may be one of the great times. On the other hand, at daytime you are likely to find vultures or hyenas eating on the remains of the prey left behind by any of the carnivores.

Therefore, in respect to the Kenya safari packages offered for your Kenya Safari holidays the day tours may differ from one travel service provider to another. There are tour agents to assist you make most use of your Kenyan holidays without wasting any day or time. Therefore, in respect to your passion for wildlife the Kenyan holidays may take first priority in the Africa safaris list. Moreover, the safari Maasai Mara experiences are still the most advised particularly owing to the renowned wildebeest migration that takes place from July to October every year.


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