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Historic Connections - Museum Bahari

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by Pushpitha Wijesinghe:

Located in Jakarta Bay near the entrance to the old Sunda Kelpa harbor, on the west bank of the Ciliwung river Museum Bahari or the Maritime Museum is in a series of renovated 17th and 18th century three storied warehouses. This was formerly owned by the Dutch East India Company and had been in use until the mid 20th century. They were declared a historic site in 1976 and were renovated to house the museum in 1977.

The exhibits within showcases Indonesia’s sea faring heritage through models, full size examples and pictures displayed in the museum’s vast interior. Models of Dutch ships of the East India Company that plied the trade routes of the time, models of traditional ships and boats of the many indigenous peoples of far flung Indonesian islands such as the two mastered schooner or Pinsi of the Ara people used to transport cargo between islands even today, the Lancang, a yellow painted version which was used by royalty and high powered officials and as a mode of transport by the people of Sumatra and Kalimantan and the Gelati a teakwood fishing boat with a triangular sail used in the Bali Strait which had a crew of 18 form part of the exhibits. Life size models of outrigger canoes and 19 other traditional types of boats are also on display as are ancient ship building tools, information on traditions and folklore connected with maritime activities, a sextant, lighthouse lamps and pictures of early voyages of Indonesian owned passenger ships are displayed as part of the country’s early maritime history.

Bringing the exhibits up to date are displays of navigational aids and examples of map making by the Indonesian Navy and information on lighthouses around the country. An interesting part of the exhibit is pictorial and factual information on the biodiversity of maritime flora and fauna in the coastal areas around Indonesia supported by many preserved examples of sea creatures including the shell of a giant clam.

By the entrance to the museum is a 19th century watch tower that was once the nerve centre that managed harbor traffic which gives some of the best views over the harbor.

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