Once in a lifetime

Ibiza's Architectural Paradise

by Fix Ibiza:

The island of Ibiza has long since been renowned as an international melting pot and clubber's paradise, but that rather blinkered impression is assumed solely by those who have never wondered what else such an island would have to offer. The flip side of the party central coin uncovers the yin to its yang~ a place of great tradition, culture and beauty.

Point in case; Sant Joan de Labritja, in the north of the island of sweet dreams. Here is a place where peace and tranquility take precedence over party and techno; secret coves and stunning views outshine glitterballs and VIP parties (though there are some of those hidden away too, if one knows where to look). Here, above all, is a place that lets the visitor immerge himself in the rural landscape, the spectacular beaches, the Ibicenco people and their customs, traditions, and archecture.

Es Amunts is the hilliest zone of the Ibiza, reigning the borough of Sant Joan and housing a wealth of traditional architecture and ancient monuments just waiting to be explored. Centuries-old churches, fresh water wells, sturdy towers dotted around the forests and breathtaking coastline; the pine covered zone is also where one can find a collection of five unique traditional Ibicenco houses, each one nestled snugly in the depths of the  glorious Ibiza countryside.

The houses in question go by the names of Can Lluquinet, Can Juano, Can Marge, Can Serra and Cas Ferrer, each one-fifth of the recently formed biza Rural Villas Collective and each is a perfect example of traditional Ibicencan architecture at its best, in itself an inspiration for the likes of Raoul Haussmann, Le Corbusier, Walter Gropius, precursor of the Bauhaus movement in Germany and the Catalan Josep Lluis Sert, former Dean of the School of Architecture at Harvard.

An Adventure in Authenticity

Known for centuries as The White Island, it is traditional whitewashed houses like these that play a part in that very alias of Ibiza, undeniable proof that this is an island with a lot more to offer than what might immediately be apparent. A paradise in itself, the borough of Sant Joan is steeped not only in history but also in such a bottomless pit of stunning rural beauty that it should surely figure in every person's ‘places to visit before I die' list.

Back to the collective and Can Lluquinet, Can Juano, Can Marge, Can Serra and Cas Ferrer are all centuries-old houses that make up the Rural Ibiza Villas Association.  Each residence is different in size and structure and each holds their owns charms and surprises, but all of them together are exemplary in their unique location and suroundings, and are more than acceptable examples of traditional Ibicencan architecture.

Naturally, they are also available for holiday rental and play holiday house throughout the year to a steady flow of visitors and holidaymakers. With their white spotless walls set against backgrounds of blue seas and green forests, it's little wonder that rentals on agrotourism in the area are increasing annually. The fact is, these rural villas very existence boils down to the years of delicate balance between nature and the humans who inhabit it, expressed through an architecture that remains in its most pure form, characterized by tradition and simplicity. Similarly, most of them preserve the tradition of bygone days and once self-sufficient households with their own gardens, fruit trees and even farm animals.