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Snowboarding in Australia


by seosaroj:

Australia is blessed to have natural mountain ranges suited for snowboarding. There's the nine resorts located at the Eastern mountain ranges on the borders of the New South Wales and Victoria. The nine resorts namely the Perisher, Thredbo Alpine Village, Mount Buller, Mount Hotham, Selwyn Snowfields, Falls Creek, Mount Baw Baw, Charlotte Pass and the Mount Buffalo. One resort also in Tasmania is best in snowboarding. Winter starts from June to September, but if you plan a season of adventure of Australian snowboarding, then it is best time to thrill your self starting late of April when resorts starts to media job vacancies.

Snowboarding is a sport using a snowboard attached to a rider's feet to mounted binding, involving the descending slope of snow. Originated from the United States of America back in 1960's and 70's, which sport is modified from skiing, skateboarding and surfing.  This snowboarding game has different styles. There's the jibbing which is influenced by grinding a skateboard, similar to freestyles.  The freestyles where riders uses a man made terrain features such as rails, jumps, boxes and other advanced moves that does a trick. While the free riding, the common and accessible style consisting of riding down any terrain available. Last but not the least is the free carve styles known as the alpine snowboarding which is similar to skiing.  And before you start your snowboarding to Australia, you need to have your complete snowboarding gears for safety and precautions since such sport involves risk. This will include you buying the snowboard helmet for prevention of head injuries that may occur from collision or falling down the hill, snowboard goggle for eye protection from unwanted falls and too much ultraviolet exposure in snow covered areas. For cold weather and for grasping safety purposes, a protective pair of gloves is essential. One will also need pants/short and knee pad  to guard one's self from knee injuries and a wrist guard to prevent wrist injuries.

Snowboarders in Australia have there associations and web pages.  Snowboarding.com.au is a site where information is always updated, and is giving the accurate information for everybody who wishes to explore snowboarding in Australia.



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