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A Traveler's Guide to Holidays in Algeria

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by Victoria Tamara:

North Africa has many exciting holiday destinations among which Algeria is named. Algeria is however one of the least visited countries in Africa despite is rich cultural heritage, wildlife and dazzling scenery.

Being part of the countries in northern Africa, people always think that Algeria is a fully under the vast Sahara desert sand dunes but this is not the case. You'll be amazed by the oases and the bio-diversity of several Algeria national parks and reserves located on the Mediterranean Sea coast.

There are more than 9 national parks and reserves in Algeria, many of them located in the Tell Atlas mountain ranges that stretch for miles creating a buffer zone for extension of the desert to the coast. Some of the most popular ones include Tassili n Ajjer, Belzema and El Kala National parks that are known to have dense forests that are home to the endangered Barbary Macaque only found in this part of Africa.

 The ancient towns of Algeria such as Algiers the capital are exciting places to visit.  In Algiers, you have the choice of attractions and tours to places like Our Lady of Africa, Ottoman Hanafi Mosque and the Monument des Martyrs that commemorates the people who fought hard for the independence of Algeria. Constantine is also a major town whose heritage is traced more than 5000 years ago

If it is the culture, heritage and people that interest you, the choice comes with visiting the different places like the World Heritage site called Al Qala of Beni Hammad which was formerly a capital of the Hammadid Empire.  The roman ruins and the Arch of Trajan in Timgrad Algeria complete your heritage adventure.

Since Algeria is the second largest country in Africa, it may take you more days and nights to adventure every corner of it. It is thus recommended to find places to stay. Algiers is number one stop for Algeria's five star hotels, guesthouses, apartments and villas. A few kilometers from the airport in Algiers are options like Hotel El Djazair and Sofitel Algiers Hotels among many other classy hotels.

Eating and dining in a delight in Algeria's hotels, restaurants and resorts. A few of the top restaurants in Algeria include the Le Taj Mahal and Auberge du Molin among others. Shopping too is fun in many towns in Algeria. Some of the items in the markets and gift shops include the locally handmade carpets, art work and painting and sculptures among others. You will be amazed by how God has gifted Algeria with so many talents and artistic hands!


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