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Tourist spots in Kenya

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by Aaron Parker:

Kenya is located in Eastern Africa stretching along the coastline of Indian Ocean. Nairobi is Kenya’s capital city which is also a popular destination among travelers for its natural beauty and safaris. Visit Kenya, Nairobi and enjoy the serenity of the place with your family and friends.

There is a blend of coastal beaches, lush greens, mountains and deserts in Kenya. Make it to Kenya for an amazing holiday and enjoy the varied ambiance in the country. The main attractions are the stunning beaches and the wildlife reserves. Come to Kenya to enjoy a day at the beach with your kids, while they play, engage in some water sports or work on your tan under the shimmering sun. If not the beach, go on an adventure or for a wildlife safari in the numerous game reserves. Plan a trip and tour around Kenya t have fun to the peak. The coastline along Mombasa is a great destination for beach holidays.

Visit Kenya to observe and blend in with the diverse multicultural nature of the locals. Swahili and Maasai cultures are the popular attractions among tourists especially their costumes and upper body jewellery.
Cricket, football, soccer, rugby and boxing are favorite sports played and cheered for in Kenya. Rugby is the most popular among locals as everyone look forwards to the Safari Sevens tournament. Golf is also becoming a favorite golf destination among travelers and the rich and famous. The golf courses are beautiful and in abundance. So if you’ve got golf craze or a sports fan, visit Kenya to get the sportive essence of the country.

Kenya has a favorable climate throughout the year hence enjoying a lot of sunshine. The tropical climate makes it a perfect venue for safaris and beach outings. So come to Kenya to enjoy the safari rally which is said to be one of the toughest rallies in the world. Or you could be there to watch the migration of the wildebeest during June and September. So plan a trip and make it during the migration months to see a stampede and herds of wildebeests and if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to join a shoot as this is a popular event among filmmakers.

Pay a visit to the Lake Nakuru National Park which has a colourful birdlife species of over 400 and be amazed at the flocks of flamingoes found in Kenya as they are the largest flock found in the world.
For some adventure, climb the Mount Kenya which is the highest peak in the country. Engage in trekking, camping, hiking, mountaineering and bungee jumping around Mount Kenya.

Some of the best eateries and fine dining restaurants are in Kenya in Africa, delicious dishes of Indian, Brazilian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and German and French could be found scattered across the city. So come to taste some of the best dishes in opulent restaurants or go for a fast food snack at the numerous fast food chains. For some taste of local delicacies, try Steers and Nandos which are South Africa food chains. Enjoy a Tusker Lager together with these mouthwatering dishes.

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