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Events and Hotel in Jesolo Lido

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by David Puppulin:

We know that tourism has changed since 60 years. People when they go in the resort are not satisfied with the sun and sea. They need to be involved in entertainment programs which will give to their emotions and moments of leisure.
But as the events affect the flow of tourists in a resort is not easy to analyze. If certain events promote Hotel Jesolo Lido or at the different categories?

The short question is this: certain sports events or performance may favor certain categories of hotels at the expense of others?

Perhaps the right answer to give is that an event may actually favor a particular class of hotel, it is nevertheless also true that a city is a tourist destination has a responsibility to promote events that serve to stimulate the flow of tourists. However it would be interesting to have a statistic to test how a particular event has a positive influence to a certain category of hotels in Jesolo Lido and which did not influence at all.

In my opinion, could emerge surprising data that would lead the government to take more account of the choice of promotion.

The issue is even more complex if we analyze also the age at which the event is targeted. A 4-star hotel, maybe beachfront, hardly welcomes groups of kids participating in sports, something that for Hotel Jesolo Lido may be the best to accommodate customers.

While a competition organized by the International Golf Club Jesolo invoke a type of customer will require to meet their needs, hotel with high standards of service.

Competition Venice Amercica's Cup, an international event that can draw thousands of sailing enthusiasts. Analyze the sporting event from the point of view of the economic return that it will have generated, might be a first step to establish a method adapted to generate a flow of tourists capable of generating an economic return for the benefit of an increasingly large number and type of structures accommodation.


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