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Cheap Hotels in Paris, France - Top 5


In Paris, you can find hotels for almost all budgets. If you have an average budget, you can accommodate in a 3-star branded hotel, but wait up to a 10MP camera with the chapter "Cleaning" slightly deficient.

There are many places to see in Paris, so finding a decent and affordable hotel is very important. Most hotels in Paris offer accommodation in small rooms, so if you want comfort, orient yourself to a four-star hotel or an apartment you can rent at a decent price for a week or a weekend, of course depending on location.

Tips for tourists:

If space is important for you, ask about the size of rooms, some may be very small.
Ask where is the nearest subway station.
We recommend you to inform yourself if the hotel has an elevator, since older buildings do not have elevators.
Check if you have a street view room, because some streets could be really noisy.

A cheap hotel is not necessarily a hotel where you can not accommodate. Although an expensive city, Paris, France has such hotels where you can accommodate without having to pay large amount of money. Here you can find our recommendations for some budget hotels that you can find in Paris:

1. Hotel Lenox Montparnasse - Lenox is close to the famous Montparnasse cemetery, although a cheap hotel, rooms are clean and modern. If possible, ask for a bigger room because most of them are small.

2. Hotel Keppler - Although it is located in an expensive area of Paris, Keppler is also a cheap hotel. The rooms are spacious, some have a balcony. Tip: Book a room in advance at this hotel, because of good prices, the demand is high.

3. Hotel de Lille - It is located in the center of Paris, one minute away from the Louvre Museum. Rooms are clean but have only basic necessities, not serves breakfast, and the five floors have no elevator and air conditioning. Also, they do not accept credit cards.

4. Hotel Plessis - A charming hotel, situated in an area of Paris less frequented by tourists. 5th floor rooms have balconies, all rooms are clean, have TV and telephone. There is no air conditioning.

5. Le Grand Hôtel Lévêque - It is one of the favorite hotels for those with limited budget. Almost all rooms have fans, phone, TV, hairdryer.



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