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Cultural Tours in Lamu - A Place of Wonder with Great Culture

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by  Pushpitha Wijesinghe:

Lamu Island is a historic Island which dates back to over a thousand years. Along with generations people with different origins have settled in Lamu. Origins like East African, Oman, Yemeni, Indian, Portuguese and Victorian British touches are influenced on the Island of Lamu. These influences are signified through its architecture and language.

Lamu is Kenya’s oldest inhabited town. Because of Lamu Island’s combination or mix of cultures it has brought in a wonderful history. It is mentioned that a fleet of Chinese ships have sunken close to Lamu Island and the survivors have settled in the island thereafter. The town was founded in the 14th century and it carries evidence of Swahili architecture. Lamu is listed as the oldest and best preserved Swahili settlements in East Africa. The early settlers of Lamu were Arabians, so the majority of the population is Muslims. Lamu was once a center for trading slaves. The museums, the Lamu fort, Mnarani Mosque are some places with deep historic value to Lamu.

Maulidi Festival in Lamu Island Kenya takes place each year during the month of June, Rabi-al-Awal month according to the Muslim calendar. In Lamu you would notice very few vehicles are present and the people travel by foot or rides a donkey. It’s a lovely sight to watch this multifaceted event. All the people parade in to the town with enjoyment after prayers. Then begins all the fun and frolic. There are many events in this festival, donkey races, dhow races, swimming, football, henna painting, Bao competition, cross country races, Swahili poetry Koranac recitals and much more.

The people of Lamu have a great respect towards their culture and heritage. They welcome their visitors heartily provided that they respect the culture of Muslims. It’s a great place to bring your friends family and kids to have a great experience about the Muslim culture and habits. Lamu is a great city to visit and have a great cultural and historical experience. If you are searching for a Kenya hotel, Diani Reef Beach resort is a great Mombasa hotel. Have a nice time on your visit to Lamu Islands in Kenya.


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  1. I loved to visit culture tours around the world. I attended a cultural tours in Pakistan of kalash valley; it was just amazing.