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Steps in Acquiring Australian Tourist Visas

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 by Art Vandelay
Known for its natural beauty and amazing culture Australia is one of the most sought after tourist destination of the world. Other than spending holidays people visit Australia for its broad business opportunities and updated educational infrastructure. Being a foreign country one needs visa to enter the country. There are different types of Australian visas available like Australian tourist visa, Australian holiday visas, Australian working holiday visa, Australian business visa etc. If you are visiting this continent just to enjoy its natural beauty you need Australian tourist visa.

There are different steps involved in acquiring an Australian tourist visa. This Australian visa can be applied either online or by regular process. The fees involved in both the process might vary. Other than online application, applicant can go direct to an Australian consular office to acquire an Australian tourist visa. The most common type of visa issued by immigration authorities of Australia is ETA or Electronic Travel Authority visa. To avail ETA visa it is important to keep the passport ready as the visa will be linked to the passport number. ETA visa do not require any fees, but the applicant is required to pay the processing charges.

The ETA visa is valid for three months and the regular tourist visa is Valid for up to 12 months. During this tenure a tourist can enter and exit Australia unlimited times. It is very important to provide all the necessary documents to acquire Australian tourist visa successfully. Remember that the passport must be valid for minimum 6 months from the date of departure.

Before you acquire an Australian tourist visa it is important to note that you must meet certain requirements. An Australian tourist visa must be applied from outside the Australia. Secondly, with this Australian visa an applicant is only allowed to visit Australia as a tourist, for recreation or to visit family and friends. The applicant must meet health requirements, character requirements and financial requirements. The applicant must be in fit health to travel to Australia. During the application of this Australian visa, the applicant must provide doctor's certificate to prove that he/she is completely fit to travel. An applicant must not have any criminal records while applying for Australian tourist visa.

Another important requirement that an applicant must meet is the financial requirement. The applicant must provide necessary documents to prove that he or she has sufficient funds to cover the entire cost of their stay in Australia. The list of supported documents in this connection includes personal bank statements, pay slips, audited accounts, credit card limit and taxation records.

The processing time for Australian tourist visa varies. For ETA or Electronic Travel Authority visa the processing time involves four business days. When the applicant has opted for regular visa stamp the processing time can be as long as three weeks.

There are cases where when an Australian tourist visa holder might want to switch to another type of visa. They can apply for Australian working holiday visa where they can work for an employee for not more than 6 months. Please visit our site for more information: http://www.australian-visa.ie/

Art Vandelay is an immigration expert, who provides valuable advice to her readers about seeking Australian visas. He recommends knowing different Australian visas, like Australian tourist visa, Australian working holiday visa and Australian business visa before acquiring one.


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