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Pleasant Stay at Hotel Collodi

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by Margaret Thompson:

One word that comes to my mind after I enjoyed a lengthy stay at the Hotel Collodi is WOW! It's one of the greatest hotels of the city, to say the least. And what to say about its location? It's just perfect. Barely few meters from Central Market, it provided me an opportunity whereby I could visit the market anytime. Even at the odd hours. Now that's where the hotel impresses me like anything. As the distance from the market is a few meters away, you can even walk to enjoy the market and the people in it. High hospitality standards of Florence hotels are an added advantage. That is what makes the place all the more significant and worthwhile.

Now, apart from that if you get cozy atmosphere and comfortable stay, you cannot prevent yourself coming here repeatedly. Now one thing that makes things further enjoyable and cherishing is the fact that the city of Florence is beautiful. With loads of fantastic museums and churches, Florence gives you ample of opportunity to explore its vicinities. Moreover, the best part of Hotel Collodi is its surroundings and above all its staff. That is what makes the hotel all the more significant and worthwhile. That is where your craving to stay in this hotel enhances with the passage of time. When we went to this hotel, we were surprised to see the exalted standards of hospitality. When we were decided to move around the staff courteously reserved two tickets for us. That is where we were delighted like anything. We were given reservations for two museums in fact.

Now the benefit was that we did not wait for our turns in lines. Moreover, the staff went out of their way to ensure that we knew certain things beforehand. That is where we were lucky. And that is where we enjoyed the most. We did not have to remind the hotel staff about anything as they took all the care of our requirements. That is where this hotel scores best among the rest of the hotels.

As I told you that the hotel enjoys close proximity to the Central Market, you could go anytime for your evening meal. That is where it becomes worthwhile. Although, the service was not up to the mark, but the food was quite good and worthwhile. One of the advantages of this hotel is that it is easily traceable. That is what makes it all the more booked as compared to other hotels. So, I would advice you to book it as early as possible as it remains heavily booked especially during the holidays. As far rooms are concerned, you get wood beam rafters and antique furnishings and it delights your eyes.

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