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Trip Planning and Accommodation for Mount Hotham

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by Jimmy Drury:

"Let us all now get on the Winter Tour Bus Express, and for our next stop it'll be at your Mount Hotham accommodation." These are the words I always run through my head while in my spare time. It is just like a practice for the actual thing. In the past 5 years, I have been saving a substantial amount money mainly for my planned skiing trip at Mt. Hotham.

In reality, I am working and residing in a third World Nation having a low paying job sure makes my waiting time a whole lot longer. I just read a post in the net that Mt. Hotham is also called the Powder Capital of Australia. Simply visualizing a place covered with powder makes me excited. Well, before you think about anything, I am well aware that the powder refers to snow. Together with the name, Mt. Hotham is also the top winter vacation spot in Australia. The entire Mt. Hotham area covers about 320 hectares (ha) of different terrain. A person may choose from the gentle newbie slopes to the expert's and intense snow sport lovers' area. Eventhough it is not yet the wintertime, you must never worry due to the fact that Mt. Hotham resorts have a snow generating machine which will guarantee that snow is available.

By the time, our Winter Tour Bus Express halts at the Mount Hotham accommodation area I will not hang around unpacking my stuff. Nights are created for the unpacking purpose. Though determing the best accommodation is a essential key which will dictate your vacation's success.

Oh wait, I seem to have forgotten to mention that the mountain referred to as Mt. Hotham is found in Victoria, Australia. Additionally, Mount Hotham alone rises to a height of 1,861 meters above sea level (masl). The Hotham Village also makes it to top two. It is considered as the next highest resort village in Australia. Charlotte Pass Village takes the number 1 spot. In addition, Hotham is the owner of the record of getting the biggest annual snowfall in the past 10 years.

Some of the activities which can be done in the area while staying at a Mount Hotham accommodation includes a cross country visit or Telemarking. Together with the Telemarking are a number of skiing activities as well as snow rides for the children.

Other than preparing for the excitements which Mount Hotham offers, my preparation also includes remaining in an air conditioned room and placing the settings to the coldest setting. Using this drill I hope to adjust to the wintry winds at Mount Hotham. My body needs to be well prepared for the cold weather, specifically if I want to enjoy my stay.

Furthermore, I read in a magazine that all the accommodations at Mt. Hotham are complete with everything that you need. And a few of these facilities range from the soft, comfortable beds to the wide screen television, and to the fabulous wind views.

The standard rides that you could notice at Mount Hotham will be the ski lifts. Ski lifts involves cables, pulleys and chairs which are affixed to a piece of equipment for movement. During my past five years of preparation I always bear in mind to ride the child's swing in the playground and if money allows, I visit theme parks to ride the big lift-like attraction rides.

Finally, one of my biggest and most significant preparation for a Mount Hotham Trip, or should I say vacation, is my check list. I always remember to organize a checklist for each dream destination. Actually, my list for Mount Hotham is around 3 feet long, having a font size of 20. The third item on my list is to look for a beautiful Mount Hotham accommodation.


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