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Special Events and Celebration in Mexico in the Summer

by Wayne Corcoran:

Mexico is a favorite destination for Americans, Canadians and visitors many other neighboring countries. Mexico offers perfect weather, warm hospitality, delectable food and endless natural beauty that draw millions of tourists every year. Of course, like any other destination, Mexico has its own peak and lean tourist season and along with weather, certain festivals and events also dictate the same! If you are planning a trip to Mexico this summer, especially in the months of May and June, there are a couple of celebrations and special events you should consider attending.

One of the biggest music festivals of the season happens in May. Dates vary, but it is usually toward the end of the month. We are talking about the very famous Cancun Jazz Festival. If you are a music lover and love jazz, Cancun, Mexico is the place to be in May 2012! A lot of prominent Jazz performers offer shows at different events. This festival attracts thousands of tourists every year because Jazz music, food and drinks are loved by one and all. The streets become one big dancing hall where locals and tourists enjoy food and beverages, with dancing and music in the background.

There is another world renowned festival every summer in Mexico - the Contemporary International Film Festival of Mexico City. This event attracts many renowned filmmakers, artists and of course fans from all across the globe. This film festival started in 2004 as a basic competition to boost film quality, and is now a world renowned film (fiction and documentaries) festival. So if you are a movie buff and/or a music lover, May is the perfect time to be in Mexico! June travelers have a lot to look forward to as well.. If you are a history lover, visit Mexico City and see the processions and celebrations of "Corpus Christi" day. Processions wind through the city, followed by dancing, music and lots of local food. Enjoy the Corpus Christi day with the locals! If you are a beach person and would like to visit a beach destination, do not miss Navy day (June 1st). There is a grand flotilla show and fireworks, parties and music throughout the country. Come to Puerto Penasco or Rocky Point, Mexico and have a heavenly summer break. Buy a nice holiday condo or rent a villa right by the Sea of Cortez at Laguna Shores Resort. Visit us at for more details.
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